In Memory of Alan O'Day

When I first began talking to Alan over the phone, in the fall of 2011, about writing the title song to my film "You Don't Say!" he was very hesitant but curious at the same time. After all, he had never heard of me and knew that this was going to be a very low budget film. He wanted to read the treatment to the film before he said "yes", so I sent it to him.

After he read it, he told me he loved the message the film was portraying and really liked the phrase "It's not what you say, but what you don't say" which he told me would make a great line in the chorus of the song. He agreed to do the song and from that point on, we began a creative collaboration that would become a friendship.

Alan lived in L.A. and had a home in Nashville; where Carol and I met him and his wife, Yuka in person last October. There, we grew even closer as we attended and filmed a house concert where he performed all his songs including "You Don't Say" and ones that were recorded by other artists.

Carol and I also interviewed him on camera at his home about his career and the making of the song. It was there and then that I realized how historically talented he was as a singer/songwriter and the incredible amount of famous recording artists who had either recorded his songs or worked with him directly.

Alan had told me of his cancer treatments while he was working on the song, but never made an issue of it other than to say he needed to "pace" himself. He asked me not to mention it to anyone, so I respected his privacy and moved forward with our plans which included him performing the song live at the Chicago Premiere, which I know he really wanted to do.

Unfortunately, after the first of the year, the cancer had returned. He told me (even though he was trying to stay optimistic) that he doubted he would be able to attend as his new cancer treatments were more aggressive. It truly breaks my heart that Alan never got to sit in the theater and watch the movie as he says in the interview.
(Click HERE to watch the interview.)

I am honored to have Alan's very last song in my film. But more than anything, I am honored to have worked with him, met him in person and most important, been able to call him my friend. He was one of the most caring and loving persons I had ever met.

He was a God send to me & this film and I will miss him terribly. Rest in peace, Alan. I will never forget our time together.




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