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Robert Alaniz

Award-winning Director, Robert Alaniz and his organization Sole Productions have been making full-length feature films in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding suburbs, since 2003. He and his films have been featured on FOX NEWS, ABC Morning News with Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez, WGN Radio with Andrea Darlas and have been featured in several magazines including Portfolio Fusion Magazine.

His past films include Timeserver (2004), Barrymore’s Dream (2005), Bitterblue (2006), THE VISION (2009) and most recently D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids) (2011) which was his first comedy. His film, Barrymore’s Dream, won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Route 66 Film Festival in September 2007 and more recently he won the Illinois Auteur Award at the 2011 Illinois International Film Festival for D.I.N.K.s which is making the rounds at film festivals across the country.

Following strong positive audience response to D.I.N.K.s, Robert decided to stick with the comedy genre and began writing the script for his film You Don’t Say! which began pre-production in 2012. This will be his second comedy and sixth feature film.

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William Wagoner
(Executive Producer)

Mr. Wagoner first met Director Robert Alaniz in the early 80’s when Alaniz was shooting one of his first independent films at a local nightclub. The two became friends and Wagoner agreed to help finance Alaniz’s next film Miles From Nowhere. The following year Wagoner acted in a small role in yet another Alaniz film. Wagoner moved to Tennessee in 1983. In 2007, he reconnected with Alaniz via the Internet. After viewing Alaniz’s film Bitterblue, Wagoner was instrumental in getting the film aired on a local TV channel WEPG in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Wanting to be a part of Alaniz’s next project, Wagoner came on board as an Executive Producer for D.I.N.K.s. Mr. Wagoner is once again supporting the great hidden talent Mr. Alaniz has discovered for You Don’t Say. He presently resides in Whitwell, Tennessee.

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Max Nayden
(Executive Producer)

Max’s previous movie experience was as part of the production crew of Sole Productions second film, “Barrymore’s Dream”. Max, who is a physical therapist by trade, also acted as medical advisor for the film working with the actors whose characters had a physical disability or scenes that involved a character that gets injured in a scene. When the decision was made to make a follow-up film to “Barrymore’s Dream”, Max wanted to play a bigger role in the production. His faith in Director Robert Alaniz’s talent and dedication to professionalism inspired him to become one of that film’s Executive Producers. After “THE VISION”, Max took on the Executive Producer role again, this time for Sole production’s first comedy “D.I.N.K.s (Double Income, No Kids)”. Now, Max is, once again, teaming up with Alaniz for his second comedy “You Don’t Say!” Max lives in Frankfort, Illinois with his wife, Irit and three daughters.

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Dave "Dr. Dave" Branigan
(Executive Producer)

This is the fourth Robert Alaniz film that Dave has been Executive Producer on. Dave's role as Executive Producer began with Barrymore's Dream, and continued with The Vision, D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids) and now You Don't Say. With D.I.N.K.s Dave took on the role as Webmaster for the Sole Productions web site. He has continued that role with You Don't Say. Not the type who is afraid to get his hands dirty, Dave also lends his hands as crew on movie shoots and enjoys the entire experience of movie production. Dave has witnessed the great improvement in cast and crew since his first experiences in Timeserver, in which he played a small part as a lawyer. Dave believes, "You Don't Say has the most professional cast and crew yet. You just look at the credentials those involved with You Don't Say bring to the production and you can't help but believe that this movie will be on par with anything Hollywood has to offer."

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Sarajane Crowley
(Assistant Director/Casting Director)

As an Illinois native, Sarajane Crowley has been immersed in the independent filmmaking community in Chicago.  She is a senior at DePaul University where she has established a reputation as a casting director.  Since being at DePaul, Sarajane has casted over 6 different projects ranging from miniseries to feature length productions.  She also has a profound interest in the production side of the filmmaking process and has been Assistant Director on two feature films.  Sarajane recently has returned from Los Angeles where she interned for Red Granite Pictures, Oops Doughnuts Productions, and Fiorentino Casting.  Working at these companies has allowed her to apply her newly founded experience and knowledge to her own projects.  Sarajane is currently involved with directing her own short film and will continue to work on set on other productions within the Chicago community.



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