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Alan O'Day ("You Don't Say!")

Alan O'Day is an American singer-songwriter best known for writing and singing"Undercover Angel" a song which was number 1 in 1977. He also wrote songs for several other notable performers, such as 1974's Helen Reddy number 1 hit "Angie Baby" and the Righteous Brothers' number 3 hit "Rock And Roll Heaven". In the 1980s he moved from pop music to television, co-writing over 100 songs for the Saturday morning Muppet Babies series, and in the 1990s he wrote and performed music on the National Geographic series"Really Wild Animals".

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Tyrone Lancaster - Composer

My affiliation with Robert Alaniz & Sole Productions is now going on 9 years in the making and I am thrilled to be working with Robert once again on his new film You Don't Say!.  I've had a small part in all of Robert's films, whether it be the slate music at the start of the film, collaboration with a songwriter, music for web media, or scoring the entire film.  Robert and I have always said our paths keep crossing for a reason; perhaps that reason is to enjoy the journey and share our art.  

Composed and performed original score for the independent film: TIMESERVER (

Composed and performed original score for the independent film: BARRYMORE’S DREAM (

Orchestrated the song "Bitterblue" by Lori Anderson for the film BITTERBLUE ( including all web media.  

Orchestrated the song "All For One" by the internationally released rock band: Two Fires.

Orchestrated the song "Painted Princess" by the internationally released rock band: Daniel’s Window.

Composed, arranged and performed original music for Scripps Productions (HGTV, DIY Networks).



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