A successful career woman gets caught up in a comedic whirlwind of events, when a
mystical necklace given to her as a gift from her boyfriend may be causing her to uncontrollably
speak her mind in the politically-correct world of corporate business.


Roberta “Bobbi” Evans – Julia Chereson
Jerry Brownwell – Gary Gow
Mr. David Stutter – Rob Frankel
Martin Stokes – Brandon Galatz
Teresa Temptin – Dani Wilkin
Denise (Dee Dee) Evans – Hayley Camire
Eugene Evans – Dave Branigan
Madelyne Evans – Laura Parry
Lynette Hartley – Jonna Johnson
Lupe Hernandez – Joy Valdez
Vince Tambor – Shavar Clark
Jonathan Valdez – Mathew Montalvo
Bruce Crocker – Brian Hoolahan
Susan – Jeanette DiGiovine
Donna – Catherine Hood
Darla – Melodye Lorrayne
Betty – Toni Pieper
Reverend Santori – Andy Clifton
Nancy – Becky O’Connell
Mr. Adeemus – Steve Parks
Mrs. Kaputnic – Mikhaila Scoville
Woman on Cell Phone–Caitlin Costello
Brittany – Isabella DeCeault
Brittany's Mother – Alison Barnes
Guard – Ben Nicholson
Rude Woman – Francesca Peppiatt

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